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How do I list my horses ready for adoption?

You must qualify and have an account with RescueGroups.org to have your horses listed here on Equine Adoption Network. All horses listed on our website use information provided by RescueGroups.org

I am considering adopting a horse. What do I need to know being a first-time owner?

The Humane Society of the United States Complete Guide to Horse Care offers advice on choosing the “right” horse; guidelines on how to meet a horse’s physical, behavioral, and nutritional needs; an overview of horse breeds and disciplines; and information to help horse owners make good decisions at all stages of their horses’ lives. Please read chapter 4 from the book “The Humane Society of the United States Complete Guide to Horse Care”. This may help you understand the care and cost involved in owning a horse. Should You Get a Horse of Your Own?

You may also want to join a Forum and talk to owners of horses.


How can I place an ad for our facility?

You must be a registered member with RescueGroups.org in good standings to place an ad.


Are all ads placed on Equine Adoption Network legitimate?


We would hope those ads placed are legitimate, however please beware of SCAMMERS. They regularly target almost all classified sites on the web. Protect yourself by learning how to recognize SCAM ARTISTS by reviewing: Scam Victims United , Federal Trade Commission


How will potential adopters get in contact with me?

There is a contact information on each listing provided by RescueGroups.org .


How is this website paid for?

Equine Adoption Network was created to help horse rescue facilities find homes for their horses. We are paying all costs involved to host, maintain and promote this website. It is 100% free and is only for all nonprofit horse rescue facilities.


I would like to make a donate to Equine Adoption Network how can I do that?

Equine Adoption Network takes no donations for providing this service for horse rescue facilities. Google ads help support this site. If you would like to make a donation please find a horse rescue facility listing horses available for adoption here on Equine Adoption Networks website. Many of them need all the help they can get to care for the horses. Thank you for your support!


I did not see an answer to the question I have. Now what?

If you need a question answered and it was not listed above please email us at Support . We will respond ASAP.



Some common sense advice

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Even though you’ve posted a for-sale ad, you are under NO obligation to sell to anyone, no matter who they are or how much they offer. You do not have to respond to an email or phone offer that makes you uncomfortable in any way. It’s your item(s) for sale on your terms. If the person you are dealing with makes you uncomfortable or it just does not feel right then do not deal with them.

Your best protection from scam artists is to insist upon cash paid in person. Do NOT accept cashier’s checks. Do not ship your horse or item(s) until you’ve been paid in full and the money is deposited to your account. If you feel you must accept a check, insist that the issuing bank clear the check before the horse or item(s) leaves your control. This can take 7-14 days. If the buyer is pressuring you to send it now they could be scammers. Learn more ways to protect yourself at Federal Trade Commission.

If you have a horse for sale ad do not be shy about asking hard questions of the buyer. You want to make sure your horse is going to a good home.

If you are buying a horse make sure to have a veterinarian do an exam on the horse. Make sure you are purchasing a sound horse. Good information about this can be found at Georgia Department of Agriculture.



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